Game Oasis Hackathon San Francisco

October 26 - 27, 2019

San Francisco, CA, USA

About Game Oasis Hackathon San Francisco

Onsite and Virtual Hackathon

The Game Oasis hackathon is co-hosted by Binance Labs, Celer Network, Contentos, Matic Network, Cocos-BCX, Marlin Protocol and Republic. The hackathon consists of three rounds, including the preliminary online hackathon to in-person hackathons in 4 cities: Shanghai, Seoul, Bengaluru and San Francisco.

Game developers, hackers, blockchain enthusiasts, who want to explore blockchain tech specifically in gaming are welcome to participate. The in-person hackathon will last for 36 hours.

The topic will be related to blockchain gaming. Mentors will be present to provide support on how to integrate blockchain technology with traditional games.

Virtual participation is allowed as well. The application process, acceptance invitations by the organizing team, and final project submissions will be similar to the in-person hackathon.

All the workshops and tech talks at the onsite hackathon will be livestreamed here.

Please register here for participating in the onsite hackathon.

Connect with the Game Oasis SF community on the official Discord channel here.


Note: All times in PDT

OCT 25

  • 05:00PM | Check-In Starts
  • 06:00PM | Dinner
  • 07:00PM | Opening Ceremony
  • 08:00PM | Celer Network Workshop: Monetize your casual game into a Blockchain eSport Game with Two Lines of Code
  • 08:30PM | Cocos workshop
  • 09:00PM | Matic Network workshop
  • 09:30PM | Contentos workshop: Build your game on Contentos blockchain, reaching 60M monthly active users

OCT 26

  • 08:00AM | Breakfast
  • 10:00AM | Celer Network Tech Talk: Bring mass adoption to every blockchain
  • 10:30AM | Matic Network Tech Talk: How Matic will make Blockchain Gaming ubiquitous?
  • 12:00PM | Lunch
  • 02:00PM | Cocos Tech Talk
  • 04:00PM | Contentos Tech Talk
  • 06:00PM | Dinner

OCT 27

  • 08:00AM | Breakfast
  • 10:00AM | Project Submission Deadline
  • 10:30AM | Judging Starts
  • 12:00PM | Lunch
  • 01:30PM | Closing Ceremony


Celer Network

cGamer: $1,000 for the best game built using Celer Gaming SDK

cBUIDLer: $1,000 to split among up to 5 teams.

  • Any game using Celer Gaming SDK would be qualified for cBUIDLer

More details here.


Cocos-BCX provides below bounty tasks with total prize pool of $3000 up for grabs!

A) Applying Cocos-BCX account system in game and integrating payment with Cocos chain. 1st place $500, 2nd place $250

B) Applying Cocos-BCX trustable random number solutions in games. 1st place $500, 2nd place $250.

C) Using Cocos-BCX Lua virtual machine to write smart contract which operates in game. 1st place $500x2, 2nd place $250x2.

D) More Bounties. Please refer here

More details here.


The winning team developing on Contentos will be rewarded of $1500 worth of COS, another top 5 teams building on top of Contentos will be rewarded $200 worth of COS each.

More details here.

Matic Network

The Matic team will be offering a range of bounty tracks with prizes totalling $2000 for hackers who would like to #BUIDL on Matic Network

A series of customized gaming tracks to accommodate the different types of gaming environments have been curated:

  • Card Game: A turn-based card game where users can draw cards against players based on attributes of a character and win rewards for winning rounds and games.

  • Fantasy League: A platform where users can assemble a team within a budget and play against each other to top the leaderboard.

  • Wallet Connect Integration: Recurring Approval: To integrate any game that you are building on Matic along with WalletConnect integration (with Matic Wallet).

  • NFT Marketplace using Matic’s Plasma-Backed Asset Swaps: A marketplace where people can exchange in-game items deployed on Matic sidechains.

More details here.


For the event schedule, visit


Everyone including but not limited to Developers, Hackers, blockchain enthusiasts, who want to explore blockchain tech specifically in gaming are welcome to participate. Guidance from the leading blockchain projects will help them to hone their skills forward and get closely involved in the blockchain ecosystem.

We do not need any prior game development experience but it will definitely be a plus! The objective is to understand the potential of how blockchain can augment gaming and explore novel solutions in that space.

We understand that a few developers will be new to the blockchain ecosystem and to blockchain games. Here are a few resources to help you get started on the same:

You will be hacking on specific bounties as mentioned in the prizes section. If you have a cool idea related to blockchain gaming ecosystem in general, you are free to hack on that as well.

Yes, you are welcome to participate as a team. The minimum team size is 2 and the maximum is 4.

You can find other accepted hackers through the Discord channel and team up with them by sharing the team code amongst yourselves. We will also be having team building sessions at the venue on the hackathon day as well.

Applications will close on October 25th, 10:00 PDT

We’re looking for people who "do"! Folks who are passionate enough to work on crazy world-changing ideas. Tell us what makes you apply to Game Oasis Hackathon, what excites you, accomplishments you are proud of and whatever else you think can strengthen your chances of acceptance. We’ll get to know more about your abilities from the past projects, GitHub profile, participation/awards in other hackathons.


While you can make the most of the mentorship available at the in-person hackathon, we understand if you aren't able to make it to the onsite hackathon. You can participate virtually as well. The application process, acceptance invitations by the organizing team, and final project submissions will be similar to the in-person hackathon. Once the hackathon starts, you will be allowed to submit your project anytime before the end of the hackathon.

Make sure to fill out all the project submission details and describe it as well as you can. It will be the primary basis for judging your project's eligibility to win the bounties on offer.

October 26 - 27, 2019

San Francisco, CA, USA